Thank you for visiting the web site of Bayfield Early Education Centre. We consider a child's early years to be extremely important, and it is our role to provide professional and friendly support to assist your child's development.

We have experienced, qualified and caring staff to ensure your child receives the best education and care possible in an optimum learning environment where we meet your child's individual needs.

Our programme incorporates the Early Childhood Curriculum of Te Whaariki which includes the strands of Well Being, Belonging, Communication, Exploration and Contribution. Our staff are also trained in the strategies of the Virtues. These are: Speak the Language of the Virtues, Recognise Teachable Moments, Set Clear Boundaries, Honour the Spirit and Offer the Art of Spiritual Companioning.

In lieu of a newsletter we put all information about the rooms on Educa and the room's Facebook pages. This includes links to photos of your children and daily activities. These are particularly valued when one of the rooms goes on a trip and we are able to include all the photos taken that day. We suggest you visit Educa and the Facebook pages on a regular basis to catch up with the news in your child's room. When your child is enrolled, you should receive an email link asking you to join Educa.

Please ensure you check your child’s information pocket (situated outside their room) regularly. Parent days are held 3 times per year. We have a mothers day, fathers day and grandparents day. These are open mornings between 9 and 11 when you are invited to drop in and visit your child then enjoy a morning tea with the rest of the parents in our staff room.

Please don't hesitate to contact me personally if you require any further information regarding the placement of your child.

Kind Regards

Shona Hewitt
Centre Manager



Bayfield Early Education Centre opened in May 2000 with a small roll of around 14 children. Today the roll stands at around 140 with 100 children attending daily.

The centre itself is located in a large historic building in Herne Bay. It was erected in 1904 and established initially as the original Bayfield Primary School. One of the unique aspects of Bayfield is the size and spaciousness of both the indoor and outdoor areas. Beautifully renovated, maintaining the character of the original Kauri schoolhouse, Bayfield Early Education Centre has the ambience and aura of a happy place for children’s play and learning.

One of the huge benefits of enrolling your child at our centre is the continuity of care from infants through to school age children. We are able to take your child from infant age through to five years when they go off to school without having to change their environment.


Centre Description

Children need an environment where they can learn and grow in warm loving surroundings where they feel comfortable and secure. Our centre provides this environment on an individual basis for each child.

Our staff are experienced in caring for children and we appreciate the importance of open and honest communication with our parents. If you have any queries about the day to day affairs of the centre, please feel free to approach any member of our staff. If you have concerns please direct them to the Head Teacher.

Outside every room are the children's lockers. These are for bags, shoes and any other belongings. Please help the teachers by removing your child's supply of nappies, bottles, changes of clothes, any medicines (very important medicines must be handed straight to the teacher) and putting everything in the appropriate places. At the end of all the lockers are the children's name tags. To encourage name recognition and pre-reading skills please encourage your child to find his / her own name and select a locker for the day - at the end of the day repeat the process in reverse. This is also a little routine for the children to encourage their sense of belonging.

In the Nursery the profile books are kept outside the room and in the Toddlers and Preschool they are inside the room. This is a record of anecdotes, learning story observations, artwork and photos kept by the teachers on your child. They are there for your interest and appraisal as often as you wish. Please can you sign the back of the Profile Book when you have read it and if possible add a comment or some feedback. Each centre also has an art box for your children's art work. Please check this regularly and take home their precious pieces!